• Our Specialist

    Our specialists work with you before, during and after surgery. Wherever you are in the surgical process, a DIMG physician is making important decisions with your unique goals and healthcare needs in mind.

  • Before and After

    Perioperative care is an integral part of any planned surgery. By identifying the common factors that cause complications, we can help you manage your risk and recovery while improving the quality of your hospital stay.

  • Dallas

    Dallas Fort Worth hospitals consistently win top spots on the US News and World Report Best 100 rankings. Dallas draws the world’s leading healthcare specialists, making it a center for easy access to excellent care.

  • Leading Surgeons

    Dallas Internal Medicine Group works with the leading surgeons at Methodist Hospital for Surgery.


Dallas Internal Medicine Group was formed in 1997 by Dr. Robert Paul Fischer. He is a board certified physician who devotes his time to peri-operative care and to the care of hospitalized patients. Dallas Internal Medicine Group has dedicated over two decades of providing quality peri-operative care to patients and surgeons from the subspecialties of Orthodpedics, General Surgery, Spine Surgery and Neurosurgery.

In healthcare, quality is the differentiator that enhances peace of mind and facilitates positive outcomes. As your medical provider, you entrust with us your greatest asset – your health. That trust is one we take seriously.